Without any prior race experience, seven friends decided to team up and train for Taiwan’s first criterium in Danshui(Tamsui). They went through two weeks of intense training pushing their bodies and minds to a limit they never knew they could reach. While training each one of the seven cyclists discovered what it meant to try and improve themselves as amateur athletes. The sacrifices they had to make in their lives in order to dedicate themselves to the sport was a problem throughout, but one thing managed to keep them together during the whole process, a bike shop called Skunk.
在沒有任何比賽經驗的背景下, 七位朋友決定一起組隊來為台灣第一屆淡水繞圈賽做訓練, 兩週的高強度訓練, 把他們的心理還有生理層面推向他們自己都沒想過的極限, 在這過程當中, 這七位車手嘗試且學習到了要如何從一位素人車手的角度去做進步以及訓練. 對於這項運動的全心投入訓練也碰到了些問題-他們得對原本的生活習慣做出很大的犧牲, 不過一間單車車店SKuNK跳了出來, 在這段期間整合了他們, 也提供了訓練所需的場地、器材以及訓練方法. SKuNK是這群車手的交叉點, 這間車店往往把情感放在自身的利益之前, 過去SKuNK已經不只一次幫了許多車手成為更好的車手, 而換來的回報, 不是金錢, 這些車手把SKuNK當成另外一個家, 就像玩命關頭系列裡面唐老大的家一樣.
Music: Smashing Pumpkins – The Beginning is the End
Pain – Not Afraid to Die
GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition
GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition
GoPro Hero 4 Back-Bone Ribcage
K-Edge GoPro Bike Mounts (Front and Back)
Skunk Bike Shop:
No.1, Alley 6, Lane 36, Section 5, Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

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