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skunk 咖啡店 單車店 TRX 

Skunk 2.0誕生了,在七年的經營下做出新的改變,除了腳踏車之外,也增加了coffee shop跟trx的項目,

電話:02 2764-5377



The brand new SKUNK 2.0 is start! We run about 7 years for the bicycle parts,now add 2 new parts,there’re the coffee shop and the TRX.

The address of our new base is: 1F., D Building,. No.204, Sec. 5, Minsheng E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

phone: +886 2 27645377

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Taiwan Fixed gear rider 菇男






























































photo by chris king

2015 05 02 Tamsui City Criterium


SKuNK, a fixie team attend underground cycling event/races mostly, also earn some reps from the races, yet never been a part of any certificate races before until today. Although the result was underwhelming; some of our best rider get involve with the accident during the race, and did not complete the entire race. We learn a lot from this race that there is still many thing need to be improved physically and mentally, and there is one thing for sure that we will come back strong.



the YEAR of the MOUNTAIN

the YEAR of the MOUNTAIN from Fixed Realities on Vimeo.


We ride our single speed bikes as high into the mountains as possible. With each pedal stroke, we leave our problems behind as we are greeted with the most excruciating pain, a wanting to give up. Once we reach the top, calmness sinks in and the mind and heart is set at peace. It’s not until the descent that we realize what we have lost as we rapidly head back into reality.

This video is dedicated to my friend Xiao Yu who recently passed away in a horrific accident (non-bike related). He was too young and had not even lived life yet. He was a bike messenger with the company Prodorapid before moving on to Skunk Messenger. He had a love for riding bikes and was one of the first people in Taiwan to push me as a rider. We will miss you. Rest in peace.


Recycled cycling tube tissue case.






Recycled cycling tube tissue case.

Material: Recycled cycling tube (outside)
PVC (inside)
Water repellence
Size: 19.5x10x8 cm(LxWxH)SDIM4538How to buy




2014 was one of the best years of riding in my life. This is a short video of some of the rides I went on last year. I got to meet so many interesting cyclists and see some spectacular views. I can’t wait for what adventure lie ahead in 2015.

Happy New Year!!