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花蓮到臺南:第三天(臺東到墾丁) Hualien to Tainan: Day 3 (Taitung to Kenting)

SKUNK Hualien to Tainan Day 3 (Taitung to Kenting)
Rob was at the most beautiful place in Taiwan.



Fixed Gear Taiwan:Taipei

There is a huge fixed gear scene within Taipei City. Whether it be mashing through the streets or ascending the nearby mountains there are lots of roads out there for one to discover. There tends to be a distinction between city riders and those who ride in the mountains, so I decided to make a video showing that both types of riders are “hardcore” in their own ways.

The video consists of some footage from the Breakyrbones alleycat race and some rides in the surrounding mountains outside of Taipei City.


Fixed gear rider Chiao-Li-Yu a.k.a. “Master-Z” just shot a photo titled “Hundred Chair Storyteller” Please click the “Like” button and share it on your wall, with every “share” he receives, the Infinite team group will donate 1NTD to Master-Z and the “Hundred Chair Storyteller funds” where 50% of the money we raise goes to the orphanage. Our target: 10,000 NTD in 24hours, ends at 8/26 20:13


skunk team rider Anson soh

A video featuring the Malaysian rider, Anson Soh of Team Skunk riding some of the tougher climbs near Taipei City, Taiwan. Anson recently placed 4th in the King of Zhongshe race. He has progressed so much as a rider and has a passion for riding fixed gears in the mountains and doing long distance rides.


Anson Soh (Skunk Taiwan) from Fixed Realities on Vimeo.

King of Zhongshe

He Yu Ze (何宇澤) of Skunk won King of Zhongshe! He Yu Ze has put so much effort into riding and has become a phenomenal rider. We are all so happy that he won because you can tell by watching the video how passionate he is about riding.

A little bit about Zhongshe
Zhongshe is a mountain that is right outside of Taipei city. Everyday many cyclist go to Zhongshe because of its great location and its considered one of the first mountains everyone must learn how to ride. After the fixed gear craze began, nabiis began hosting a weekly climb to get people more interested in difficult rides. Over time, the mountain became a symbol to cyclists. In order to progress as a cyclist, you must conquer Zhongshe. However, conquering Zhongshe does not mean just riding to the top and back because anyone can do that. What one must do is challenge themselves to get better at riding the mountain every time they go there.


King of Zhongshe from SkunkTaiwan on Vimeo.