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2015 05 02 Tamsui City Criterium


SKuNK, a fixie team attend underground cycling event/races mostly, also earn some reps from the races, yet never been a part of any certificate races before until today. Although the result was underwhelming; some of our best rider get involve with the accident during the race, and did not complete the entire race. We learn a lot from this race that there is still many thing need to be improved physically and mentally, and there is one thing for sure that we will come back strong.



skunk team rider Anson soh

A video featuring the Malaysian rider, Anson Soh of Team Skunk riding some of the tougher climbs near Taipei City, Taiwan. Anson recently placed 4th in the King of Zhongshe race. He has progressed so much as a rider and has a passion for riding fixed gears in the mountains and doing long distance rides.


Anson Soh (Skunk Taiwan) from Fixed Realities on Vimeo.

Johnnyrandom | Bespoken

Sounds of bike.
There’s no musical instruments in this music,only the sounds of every bike parts.
In our everyday life anything could be something,if you just look and listen hard.



Johnnyrandom | Bespoken from Johnnyrandom on Vimeo.