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Taiwan Fixed gear rider 菇男






























































photo by chris king

the YEAR of the MOUNTAIN

the YEAR of the MOUNTAIN from Fixed Realities on Vimeo.


We ride our single speed bikes as high into the mountains as possible. With each pedal stroke, we leave our problems behind as we are greeted with the most excruciating pain, a wanting to give up. Once we reach the top, calmness sinks in and the mind and heart is set at peace. It’s not until the descent that we realize what we have lost as we rapidly head back into reality.

This video is dedicated to my friend Xiao Yu who recently passed away in a horrific accident (non-bike related). He was too young and had not even lived life yet. He was a bike messenger with the company Prodorapid before moving on to Skunk Messenger. He had a love for riding bikes and was one of the first people in Taiwan to push me as a rider. We will miss you. Rest in peace.



2014 was one of the best years of riding in my life. This is a short video of some of the rides I went on last year. I got to meet so many interesting cyclists and see some spectacular views. I can’t wait for what adventure lie ahead in 2015.

Happy New Year!!


花蓮到臺南:第三天(臺東到墾丁) Hualien to Tainan: Day 3 (Taitung to Kenting)

SKUNK Hualien to Tainan Day 3 (Taitung to Kenting)
Rob was at the most beautiful place in Taiwan.



Fixed Gear Taiwan:Taipei

There is a huge fixed gear scene within Taipei City. Whether it be mashing through the streets or ascending the nearby mountains there are lots of roads out there for one to discover. There tends to be a distinction between city riders and those who ride in the mountains, so I decided to make a video showing that both types of riders are “hardcore” in their own ways.

The video consists of some footage from the Breakyrbones alleycat race and some rides in the surrounding mountains outside of Taipei City.

《玩命單車快遞幫》Murder of Couriers


10:20PM 樂聲戲院




Neil Brill, Thomas MacLeod / 2012 / 加拿大 / 94分 / 英語發音 / 中文字幕


本片記錄了一群溫哥華超級硬派的Fixed gear固定齒輪單車快遞員們三年來的生活。本片讓我們有難得的機會,親炙這少數人才能享受的生活方式。他們對於我們習以為常的道路又愛又恨,影片中呈現了「週五單車馬球夜」與「野貓競速」的混亂場面、不停開趴的生活方式、與此種工作相伴而來的貧窮,因抱持著「活在當下」的哲學,而帶來生活上種種不可避免的困境 -而他們願意承受這一切

Murder of Couriers
Neil Brill, Thomas MacLeod / 2012 / Canada / 94min / English / Chinese subtitles

Toronto, Sheffield, Edmonton, Calgary and other International Film Festivals
“This feature length film was made by couriers, about couriers, for a wide general audience”

Murder of Couriers documents the lives of a group of bike messengers in Vancouver over a three-year span, focusing on a hard-core crew of fixed gear riders. The film offers the chance to experience a lifestyle that not many get the privilege to enjoy: the love and hatred for the roads we live on, the chaos of Friday night bike polo and alley-cat races, the party lifestyle, the poverty associated with the job, the inevitable pitfalls that come with living in the moment – and the individuals who endure it all.

知名的英倫車鞋子品牌QuocPham,此次QuocPham 遠渡重洋,從英國到台北, 招集台灣單速車車隊朋友,一起感受此單速車的獨特魅力,QuocPham將與Urban Nomad Film Festival城市遊牧影展策劃活動,將在5/16日晚間10:20時至12:00將會在西門町樂聲戲院盛大展開,屆時將播放由溫哥華當地的單車快遞所監製的紀錄片”Murder of Couriers”《玩命單車快遞幫》。