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Recycled cycling tube tissue case.






Recycled cycling tube tissue case.

Material: Recycled cycling tube (outside)
PVC (inside)
Water repellence
Size: 19.5x10x8 cm(LxWxH)SDIM4538How to buy





2014 was one of the best years of riding in my life. This is a short video of some of the rides I went on last year. I got to meet so many interesting cyclists and see some spectacular views. I can’t wait for what adventure lie ahead in 2015.

Happy New Year!!


VK Design  廢棄內胎製作小物





花蓮到臺南:第三天(臺東到墾丁) Hualien to Tainan: Day 3 (Taitung to Kenting)

SKUNK Hualien to Tainan Day 3 (Taitung to Kenting)
Rob was at the most beautiful place in Taiwan.



Rapha is coming to Taiwan


December 6, 2011  Having trouble reading this email? Click here.






We cordially invite you to a series of rides with Rapha in Taiwan.

Rapha’s Adam Horler will host a number of rides in and around Taichung and Taipei on the 14th, 15th and 16th December.


On Wednesday 14th December, Adam will host a two part ride to Sun Moon Lake from Taichung, meeting at 6.30am at No.499, Huiwen Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 台中市南屯區惠文路499號 (文心森林公園後7-ELEVEN), where we will then ride 40km to Chungshin New Village, have breakfast and then those who are able can continue on to Sun Moon Lake.


On Thursday 15th December, we will ride from Taipei to Wulai, a ride to the mountains. We will meet at 6.30am at Xindian Station.

Then, on Friday 16th December, we will meet at 6.30am at Taipei Zoo Park for a 40km city ride, followed by breakfast at Helen Coffee.


We’ll talk all things Rapha, road racing, bikes and more. Please wear your best road attire, we want to represent the sharpest riders in Taiwan.

Please send an e-mail to adam.horler@rapha.cc to book your place on the ride and breakfast, indicating the dates of the ride/s you wish to join.

There will be a cap of 40 riders for each ride. We will take the time of e-mail sent to make any cut off.


Thanks for your understanding.


The Iron Man Triathlon race.

This is Black.
He’s one of our team Skunk.
He went to the Iron Man Triathlon race last weekend.
And he is the only one that who rides fixed gear.
He done very well on every parts of the race(swimming,riding and running).

This is the first time that he took the race.
And looks like he’s addict on this game.
He’s very enjoy it and will keep going to take this kind of races.

And one thing,
do you guys have notice that my sticker is on his fixed gear :)?

Keep going on Black!!!!!!!!

VK Design





Custom cap for Dragon!

Today,Dragon,who’s the messenger of Prodorapid,he ordered a custom cycle cap.
Prodorapid is the first bike messenger express company in Taiwan,they all work very hard,
nomatter the weather is hot,cold or even rainning,they still work for us.
So if you have anythings wanna send to anywhere in Taipei city,you can call them,
and they’ll be very pleasure.


Price: 750/NT